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About Us

29 Branded Beef was started by our family with the intention of being able to provide high-quality beef from our Oregon ranch directly to the consumer, allowing them to know exactly where their beef comes from. We are a fourth-generation Oregon ranching family focused on raising the best beef possible. We wanted to be involved in the processing of our animals and be able to make sure that have minimal stress and no bad days in their lifetime. Our animals are our #1 priority from the day of their birth, through the day of processing. 

Our cattle are all Oregon bred, born, raised and processed. They spend a majority of their time grazing natural, native grasses across the state and are considered naturally raised, as the cattle are antibiotic, hormone and steroid-free. We do occasionally have to treat an animal with antibiotics due to illness if that is what is best for that individual. Our operation is also BQA (Beef Quality Assurance) Certified.  

It has been proven that 29% of all lands in the United States are too rocky, too steep, or too arid to support growing any other food crops and are only considered rangeland. Cattle are able to graze these unusable lands and convert the vegetation into protein. How's that for environmentally friendly!? 

All beef, whether grass-fed or grain-fed, is an excellent source of 10 essential vitamins and minerals including iron, choline, zinc, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, protein, riboflavin, niacin, selenium and phosphorus. In general, beef is a high-quality source of protein, essential vitamins and minerals without a long list of ingredients - just Beef! 

At 29 Branded Beef, we are proud to offer our beef by the individual cuts, packages of ground beef allowing our customers to only buy what they need. We know that not everyone has the freezer space or the financial ability to buy beef in bulk and we are excited to offer our customers the same quality, natural, fresh beef in smaller amounts. Our beef is aged for 10-14 days once processed, and all beef cuts are hand-cut at a USDA-Certified Processing Facility here in Oregon. 

We offer shipping on our beef directly to your front door! We do only ship our beef on Mondays and Tuesdays using UPS 2-day or overnight (if you choose upgraded shipping during checkout) to assure that it gets to your door and not stuck over the weekend in a shipping facility. We also offer occasional local drop-offs, keep an eye on our social media accounts for these updates, or send us a message to get something set up. Pick-ups from the Ranch are always free! 

We are proud of what we are able to offer and invite our customers to take a look around the website to see what we are all about or schedule with us to visit the ranch and see where your beef comes from! 

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